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Photography | Family & Teens | Troy, OH

I couldn’t be more excited to share this session with everyone! Well, more like a few mini sessions put together. We like to do random shoots whenever these kids are available lol. My sister’s gorgeous family is growing so quickly. I can’t believe they are all teens (well, almost! Kiaya is close!). Seeing my nephews turning into young men and my niece growing up so beautifully makes me tear up. I can’t imagine how Karmin feels. I’m glad my children are still little! But, she has done an amazing job with these 3! She’s an amazing mother, sister, friend, role model… (I could totally keep going but we’d be here all day lol). I just hope that I make my sister proud and that her kids continue to see me as their cool, fun aunt because looking through these pictures is starting to make me feel old lol. I LOVE YOU ALL! xo